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I know what you are probably thinking. "Julie, What makes you MY photographer?" "Who is Tiny Loves Photography anyway?" "How did I get here and where are we going?"


Choosing the right photographer is not only about having an incredible product at the end of the day, it's about having an overall positive experience.


I am a photographer because of how much my own family means to me.


I know how you are going to look at your brand new baby and not want to forget a single detail.

How you don't want to forget how much of a toe head your toddler was, or how your child's eyes sparkle in the sunshine.

You don't want to forget that big beard your hubby grew over quarantine or how you felt in his arms with your crew of tiny clones tornado'ing around you.

I want to save all of these moments for you, in my unique way.
So whaddayasay? Let's have fun!



phoenix newborn photographer tiny loves photography
phoenix newborn photographer tiny loves photography

When is the best time to schedule your baby’s photos? A guide to documenting your baby’s first year with Tiny Loves Photography


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Birth – 6 weeks

There are very few memories more special than watching your baby grow and change over their first year of life. One way you can remember all these fleeting moments is through professional photography sessions. There is so much going on in the baby’s first year it is tough to figure out when is the best time for you to schedule these photoshoots.

View packages and more details about your newborn’s session with Tiny Loves Photography HERE.


6 weeks – 5 Months

The next stage of the baby first year is the infant stage. I refer to sessions at this age as “Tummy Time” Sessions. These sessions are done before baby is sitting up unassisted and focuses more on baby awake and their developing personality more so then them posed and asleep.


6 – 8 months

This is a personal favorite age to photograph babies at. Babies in this age range are usually so happy, proud of their new skills working the core and sitting up unassisted and are just gummy little smile machines. Babies at this stage often are more interactive and responsive to their environment, they start to babble, laugh and make facial expressions which makes for adorable photos.


9 – 11 months

At the crawler session babies are either crawling or even standing with some help. They are blooming with personality and have so many fun little quirks that make them, them. View details about a Milestone session HERE.


12 Months

WOW, a year. can you even believe how fast a year can go when you have a baby? It’s like a time warp, BOOM, your little tiny newborn is taking on the world. The 1 year session can be documented with or without a cake smash.

View all the details about a custom 1 year session cake HERE

All of the stages in the first year offer a unique opportunity to capture your baby as they bloom . Not all babies hit milestones at the same time so above is a general guideline for commonly documented stages.

I offer bump to baby and baby’s first year packages Visit our combined packages HERE.

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