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I know what you are probably thinking. "Julie, What makes you MY photographer?" "Who is Tiny Loves Photography anyway?" "How did I get here and where are we going?"


Choosing the right photographer is not only about having an incredible product at the end of the day, it's about having an overall positive experience.


I am a photographer because of how much my own family means to me.


I know how you are going to look at your brand new baby and not want to forget a single detail.

How you don't want to forget how much of a toe head your toddler was, or how your child's eyes sparkle in the sunshine.

You don't want to forget that big beard your hubby grew over quarantine or how you felt in his arms with your crew of tiny clones tornado'ing around you.

I want to save all of these moments for you, in my unique way.
So whaddayasay? Let's have fun!



phoenix newborn photographer tiny loves photography
phoenix newborn photographer tiny loves photography

Emersen is ONE- Cake smash and portrait studio session- OUT OF THIS WORLD

Gilbert Studio first birthday cake smash portrait session

Hi again, everyone!

You know what 1-year-old birthdays mean? Cake. And smashing cakes, of course! 

As you can see, Emerson thoroughly enjoyed his smash the cake session.

(Who wouldn’t, am I right?)

You do not want to miss these pictures. Check them out below!

P.S. Want to learn more about my milestone packages? Check out all the details here.

Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0702.jpg

out of this world space themed cake smash

Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0688.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0689.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0690.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0691.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0692.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0693.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0694.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0695.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0696.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0697.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0698.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0699.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0700.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0701.jpg

Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0703.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0704.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0705.jpg
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0706.jpg

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