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Your newborn session with Tiny Loves Photography



You are getting ready to have a brand new little human and that's kind of a big deal, so lets keep it simple!


I offer packages for my newborn sessions. all packages includes your shoot and an online gallery to choose your favorite images from. Once you book your session with us Your due date goes into my books and then once baby is born your just shoot over a quick "baby is here" alert and we schedule your session date for when baby is between 5-40 days old. I custom style every baby's session using a questionnaire you will fill out prior to the session. ALl you have to do is book with me, do a little planning with me, and then show up to your session with your new babe where everything will be ready for you!

(including snacks for the kids and a private lounge for nursing)

mesa fine art newborn baby photo session


I can't wait to work with you and to photograph your new Little Love!


please read through all the details below and let me know if you have questions about anything.



Scheduling and Booking

Its best to plan to have your newborn photographer booked fairly early in your pregnancy. Once you are ready to book please fill out a Booking form and submit your session retainer. I will log your baby's due date into my books, and this guarantees your baby's spot in my studio. I book a limited number of due dates per week so that I can offer each family some flexibility with scheduling. Though my books tend to be full a few months in advance, I am almost always able to squeeze in last minute bookings. I know life is crazy, so if you are due in 2 days and don't have a photographer booked yet, Don't panic, If I can't squeeze your new little into the studio, I will find someone who can.


we will be scheduling your actual session date once baby is born.I ask that you send me a quick "BABY IS HERE" text or email within two days of delivering along with a photo of your baby and their weight. From there, we will schedule your session for when Baby is 5-40 days old. If your baby has jaundice, is premature, or is newly circumcised we may opt to push your session back. The comfort and safety of your baby is always my priority. I recommend waiting at least 4-5 days post circumcision for baby boy scheduling.



Planning for your newborn session

Prior to your session, after you are booked, I will send you a link to my baby questionnaire. This will help me get to know you a little bit, and will also help guide me to style the perfect session for your taste. Don't worry if you don't have a really specific style or requests. Most parents will provide me with a few colors they love and leave the styling up to me, when you do have specific requests its great for me to know in advance so that i can plan for sets to incorporate your ideas. I take great pride in my ever growing selection of top of the line props and accessories for "my" babies. You wont need to bring a thing for baby to the session aside from milk (breastfeeding is great too!), a pacifier if baby uses one, and diapers.



What to wear

Newborn sessions include optional family/parent/sibling poses with baby, and you will probably be wondering, What do we wear? I have a client closet with some great options like a few white and black dresses (postpartum friendly) along with lots of little girl dresses. You are always welcome to anything in my client closet and of course you are welcome to wear something from home. I always recommend neutrals and solids. You want to be comfortable (its a toasty 80 degrees+ in the studio so that baby stays comfortable) and your clothing should not draw attention from baby. Most families opt for shades of white, cream, gray, black and denim. Soft pastels and coordinated jewel tones can also look great. You don't all need to match, but coordinating tones that work well together is important. If you decide on a light theme, all family members should be in light shades, and the
same for dark. Think Organic and natural, and also keep in mind the colors of your home decor. You will likely be showing off your newborn session art on your walls, so keep this in mind when choosing colors as well.




a pretty cream blouse is my favorite option. Solid fitted maxi dresses, and off the shoulder tops and dresses are also great for that skin to skin look. You will be welcome to our client closet for your session as well.


Keeping in mind your overall color pallet, i recommend dad wears a fitted v neck t-shirt, a dress shirt, a polo shirt or even a lightweight sweater. jeans or khakis are great for the whole family. Most family/newborn shots are taken from the waist up.




I recommend siblings wear just about the same variety of options as parents. A nice fitted cream or white dress for little girls, or a pretty blouse and jeans are great. Little boys look great in fitted v-neck/nice t shirts, dress shirts and jeans and with top.



Dads look amazing holding their baby shirtless when they feel comfortable doing so. Mom in an off the shoulder top or fitted tank top, and dad shirtless is my favorite organic family photo option. I will never ask dad to take his shirt off at a session, so if this is howyou prefer your family poses, please let me know at the session as we lead into family shots.



During your session
Newborn sessions are done in my Northern Mesa Professional commercial Studio. My studio has a comfy parent lounge, a newborn room, and a large main studio. I continually invest in the most desired props and accessories for my sessions and assure nothing but the best for smallest clients.


I will set up for your baby before you arrive so that I can get right to work upon arrival. I will refer back to your newborn questionnaire the day before your session to set up for colors and any requests you had, so please make sure that questionnaire is filled out at least 24 hours prior to your session.I keep the studio extra warm to keep your baby comfortable.Expect 80-85 degrees and to
sweat a bit. You will be welcome to change in private if your dedicated outfit is not temperature or nursing friendly.


Upon arrival, if baby is sleeping well, I will move right into the posed portion of the session. If baby is awake when you arrive, we may start with parent and family poses, or wrap the baby up nice and cozy to fall asleep. I prefer to plan for posed shots around the baby's sleep pattern for best results. The key to a sleepy baby is usually a full comfortable tummy. You will be welcome to nurse your baby in privacy as much as needed. If you pump or supplement, Please bring a little more milk than you think you will need. A bottle of pumped milk or formula (of course only if baby is already getting formula) can soothe baby back to sleep without needing a whole nursing session. If you are giving your baby a pacifier, please bring one with to the session. A few moments of pacifier sucking can be very helpful to comfort a baby into poses.


Newborn sessions average 2-3 hours. Some baby's are light sleepers and it may take a bit longer. Please feel free to bring a book, handheld device, and snacks. You will be welcome to kick back and just relax for probably the first few hours since you have had your little one. My parent seating area is just outside the newborn room doorway, is about 10 degrees cooler than in the studio, and has a view right into the cuteness as its happening.


If Siblings will be attending the newborn session for sibling/family poses,I always recommend either a spouse or grandparent bring them at the start or end of the session. I like to keep the studio calm and aim for a peaceful environment for sleeping baby and my focus while I work with your precious cargo.






within 1 week of your session date I will send you an invite to your online gallery of proofs where you get to choose your images for editing.. I offer additional images at $25 per images and custom albums and products- you are not required to make any product purchases with your package.



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